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  • ✅ ALLOWS A VARIETY OF EXERCISES - This sit up mat by DMoose is great for doing crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts or even just lying down for a good relaxing stretch. This non-slip mat allows you to focus on abdominal exercises for both strength and toning, without an arched back and minimized stress.
  • ✅ HELPS IMPROVE POSTURE WHILE EXERCISING - The sit up pad designed to correct the body's posture during rest and recreation. This keeps the abdomen off of the back, making it the best possible cushion in its class for preventing pain, stiffness and damage to the back. Strengthen your core, achieve the perfect posture and perform many different workout routines with an exercise mat.
  • ✅ PREVENTS TAILBONE INJURIES - The efficiently designed sit up pad consists of a 30-degree arch to prevent tailbone injuries with its thick, comfortable padding and support. It is angled to allow your hips and lower back to rest and eliminates the need for users to lift their heads during a sit-up.
  • ✅ PROVIDES ULTIMATE SPINAL SUPPORT- DMoose situp mat engineered to ensure optimal spinal alignment and to facilitate the most effective abdominal muscle workouts possible. It allows you to work out even if you have a mild backache. Formed to fit the natural curvature of the spine, making it ideal for repeated sit-ups.
  • ✅ STRENGTHENS CORE MUSCLES - Try our ab pad, If you are looking to gain some progress on your abs, It helps improve your regular situp technique and workout efficiency. The DMOOSE sit mat is extremely comfortable and efficient for you to strengthen your core. It is available in two exciting colors.

DMoose Ab Exercise Mat

SKU: ‎B091FR9B54
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